Wedding Registry 101 with Erie Insurance

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Wedding Registry 101

It’s crazy to think that this weekend Matt and I will be celebrating our 1st wedding anniversary! It feels like it was just a few months ago, so for it to already be a year that’s gone by really shows how fast time flies. One thing about wedding planning that I found really fun and exciting was registering for so many cool gifts that I wouldn’t have necessarily gone out and purchased myself, or thought about purchasing before getting married. I will say, we did get some amazing gifts but there are some items that I wish I would have registered for, that I didn’t. Today I am teaming up with Erie Insurance to share some wedding gifts that couples all around the country wish they would have registered for thanks to a national survey conducted. I am hoping that this will help any brides to be out there come up with a wish list with items you will actually use in your married life. The survey also asked about their most unusual wedding gifts, their attitudes on various etiquette topics including registering for money, and their advice to other couples registering today.

Wedding Registry Wish- List

1. Robotic Vaccum Cleaner– This was the item that 58% of couples wish they’d register for and 88% of couples who did indeed register for one and received one, were still glad they did. We actually did register for the Dyson vacuum cleaner and absolutely love it. Before the Dyson, we had a cheapie vacuum cleaner that barely worked and would spit dust back out with each use, so having the Dyson is a complete game-changer for us!

2. Air Fryer– 48% of married couples wish they would have registered for this item, and 89% of couples who have one are glad they did. I actually did not register for an Air Fryer and wished I had, so I ended up getting my own a couple of months later. The Air Fryer is such a cool appliance and we use it all the time to make chicken wings, pizza, and even salmon… it’s basically a healthier way of cooking all your favorite foods!

3. Lawn Equipment– 47% of couples wish they’d register for lawn equipment, while 84% of them were still happy with their decision! Lawn equipment isn’t by any means a glamorous purchase, so I think a lot of people actually forget about it or think it would be strange to register for. I didn’t register for any lawn equipment myself, however, after thinking about it more it actually makes a lot of sense! A lawnmower can be super expensive, and depending on where you live can be much needed. If you’re someone who has a big yard and a lot of grass, you may want to think about adding this to your list.

4. Food Saver/ Vacuum Sealer– 38% of couples wish they would have registered for this, and 75% of couples are still glad they did. I personally don’t own one of these myself, but after doing some more research on it I wish I did! It’s crazy how much food can be wasted when not properly stored, and the vacuum sealer is the perfect option for saving leftovers and freezing items without the risk of good ole freezer burn.

5. Barbeque Grill– 37% of couples wish they’d register for a BBQ and 88% of them are so glad they did! A BBQ grill was at the top of our list and one that I am so glad we registered for and received. We had just moved into a condo and knew we were going to need to purchase one at some point so that extra cost was eliminated by sticking it on our registry! Maybe you don’t need a big, full-size grill, but even registering for something like an indoor George Forman would be highly recommended.

6. Luggage– 34% of couples wish they’d register for luggage, where a whopping 90% of them are happy they did. Who wants to show up on their honeymoon with old tattered, beat-up luggage? Throw some good quality luggage on your registry, like Delsey and thank me later!

7. Bread Maker– 31% of couples wish they’d register for a bread maker, and 81% of them who did are happy with their gift. This one was surprising to me as I didn’t realize so many people liked to make their own bread! Sounds like a long process to me, but if you’re into that you might want to look into adding one to your list.

8. Stand Mixer– 27% of couples wish they registered, and 93% of them are so so glad they did! I have a KitchenAid mixer and I am a little too obsessed with it. Not only does it come in multiple colors to fit in any kitchen, but it’s just so classy looking and makes some dang good desserts. Pretty much all my friends who have gotten married have registered for a KitchenAid mixer and don’t regret their decision one bit.

9. Food Processor– 26% of couples wish they would have registered and 87% are glad they have one. Like the air fryer, this is another item I wish I would have registered for after the fact. I ended up buying one on my own and have used it so much ever since. If you or the hubby like to cook, this is definitely for you!

10. Tools– 26% of couples wish they would have registered for household tools and 92% of them are still pleased with their gift. A lot of newlyweds decide to move or buy homes, so having tools is a necessity if you’re looking to hang pictures, remodel, or even fix appliances. It may not be something at the top of your mind at the time, but you will most likely find yourself running to the nearest Home Depot to purchase them if you don’t get them as a registry gift.

A big part of this survey also pertained to educating consumers. A lot of couples will register for items like fine china, silver & artwork, so Erie Insurance is here to help. It’s super important to check with your insurance company to see if the items should be added to your policy. While it’s technically not a registry gift, you might want to consider getting your rings added to your policy to help cover any loss or theft.

You can check out the full survey and learn more about homeowners insurance here, and watch a short video here to be educated on registry gift etiquette.http://

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