4 Ways I Use Palmer’s Cocoa Butter

Is anyone else suffering from extremely dry skin this winter?! One thing that I hate about living in a cold climate state is how dry my legs and hands get, and it’s almost impossible to find the right cure to last throughout the winter!  I recently got hooked on the Palmer’s Solid Formula Jar, and it’s really helped me to NOT look and feel like a lizard thanks to the packed vitamin E & cocoa butter. 🙂 Palmer’s has been around since 1840, and is still the #1 Cocoa Butter in America!  What I love about Palmer’s Cocoa Butter is that there are literally 101 ways you can use this stuff.  It smells delicious (like a subtle cocoa-aroma) and can be used on anything from your skin, to door hinges, to nail polish bottles… all for under $10!

Here’s how I use my Palmer’s Solid Formula Jar:

Chapped Lips

If there is one thing I NEED before going to bed, it’s lip balm! I physically can’t sleep until I have some on my lips, and this has been perfect for making them feel super moisturized and hydrated throughout the night.

Hand & Foot Moisturizer

I’ve been specifically using this on my hands and feet before bed.  My hands and feet get SO dry during the winter- so I rub this all over right before bed and wake up to soft skin!


Another thing I suffer from during the winter months is flyaways and static-y hair.  The Palmer’s Cocoa Butter is perfect for rubbing lightly on your hair to tame this without making it feel heavy or greasy.

Removing Rings

Sometimes when I sleep, I find my hands getting swollen and my rings harder than ever to remove. I use a little bit of this and it slides right off!

Check out all 101 ways you can use the Palmer’s Solid Formula Jar HERE, and pick up a jar for yourself at your local drugstore! xoxo


I participated in this sponsored campaign for Palmer’s® on behalf of One2One Network. All opinions stated are my own.

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