Last Minute Wedding Planning Tips & Tasks

We officially have a month to go (CRAZY!)… and I feel like now is about time the reality and stress really have started to hit!  I’ve been using WeddingWire throughout my entire planning process (planning on your own, without a planner can be exhausting!) but have really started utilizing them even more with it being so close.  One of my favorites has been the 5 must-have items for your last minute checklist.  Things that I wouldn’t have even thought about bringing include a steamer (duh!) for any last minute wrinkles on my wedding dress or the bridesmaid dresses… because let’s be honest, who wants wrinkly dresses in wedding photos?!  Also, money to tip all of the vendors, a backup phone charger and a next day bag are all things you won’t want to forget or you’ll have nothing to wear to brunch the next morning.

According to my WeddingWire checklist and what I need to lock down with less than 40 days is obtaining a marriage license, creating a custom snapshot geofilter (these are SO cute and can be found all over Etsy, I highly recommend!) and call guests who haven’t RSVP’d yet.  We have gotten a good amount of RSVP’s back, but there are obviously going to be some people who forget, so make sure to follow up to make sure they are coming!  This is also an important thing to get taken care of right away so that if you’re doing place cards (I am!) you know exactly how many to order and what names to use.  This can be said for the ceremony programs, menus, etc as you’ll need a final count before ordering so that none go to waste.

The best advice I have heard throughout this process is just to sit back, relax and breathe as it will all be over in a blink of the eye.  There are times when it’s going to be extremely difficult, but lean on and have conversations with your future hubby, maid of honor, family members, etc as they should be there to help and guide you along the way!

Last Minute Wedding Tasks:

  • Get marriage license- you’ll need this to get married… each state has different requirements but it’s typically 60 days to 24 hours.
  • Make a playlist of all of your favorite songs and what you want your DJ or band to play (or not to play!
  • Prepare tip envelopes (it can be cash or check!)
  • Have a final dress fitting to make sure the dress still fits in all the right places.
  • Finalize Wedding Ceremony & Vows- if you’re doing personalized ones, start writing them now!
  • Confirm delivery times with your vendors (think cake, decor, rentals, etc!
  • Get a spray tan/ wax- if that’s for you!
  • Pack for the honeymoon… we are going to Italy and leaving two days later, so I want to make sure everything is set and ready to go so we don’t have to worry about it later!
  • Pick up rings- you’ll want to make sure they fit and you have them in a safe space before the ceremony.
  • Create a day of schedule and have these sent out to all of your bridesmaids so they know the flow of the day so they can prepare.
  • Get a mani/pedi!
I also suggest downloading the WeddingWire app to make sure you always have everything at the touch of a button!

Thank you to WeddingWire for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are my own.  Thank you for supporting brands that make Marvelous in the Midwest possible!

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