My Kate Spade Themed Bridal Shower

I am so, so incredibly excited to share with you all my Bridal Shower from a couple weeks ago!  With the past couple of weeks being crazy (including having my bachelorette party in Palm Springs- more to come soon!) I finally had the chance to sit down and put this together.  I hope that if you’re a bride to be, or know a bride to be, this can help be an inspiration for planning your own bridal shower!

A huge thanks to my MOH’s and my mom for helping throw the BEST bridal shower a girl could ask for! We decided to go with a Kate Spade theme, and after we heard the news about her passing the week of, we thought it was an even better time to honor her and the happiness she’s put into all of our lives with her bright and amazing designs.

The shower was held in Milwaukee at the Kimpton Journeyman Hotel (I am originally from Wisconsin, so we wanted to have a central location that was convenient for everyone) and they could not have been more spot on in helping our vision come to life.  From the chivari gold chairs to the black and white table runners and pink napkins, to the bouquet of flowers on each table, they really hit it out of the park and made the room absolutely beautiful.  When we first visited the Journeyman to check out the space, I fell in love with the private room on the top floor.  It was the perfect space for our 30 guests and even included a private outdoor terrace (that sadly we couldn’t use because of the rain.)  The black/white floors matched perfectly with the vision we had in mind and the room was nice, airy and bright- so it was perfect!

We had a delicious custom made cake and cookies from a local baker in our hometown that everyone just loved! The cake could not have been more on the theme, and the cookies were so pretty I didn’t want to eat them!  We brunched on strawberry stuffed french toast, a Meditteranean frittata, and bacon followed by a build your own mimosa bar with different kinds of homemade juices and fruits.  We also had a coffee & tea bar set out for guests that wanted a little afternoon pick me up!

My MOH’s found some super cute games to play, which sometimes can be corny- but were actually super fun! One was to see how well everyone knew me (one of my best friends won of course) and another was they asked Matt some questions ahead of time, and I had to guess his answers.  I pretty much got every one right… so I’d say we are on the same page! šŸ˜‰

One question I get quite a bit is about opening gifts at a shower, and whether or not you should. I know in today’s world, it’s not that exciting for guests to sit and watch while the bride-to-be opens gifts, but I think it’s an important and sort of the main reason for a shower in the first place.  Most guests like to watch you open their gift to see the excitement on your face and see the other gifts you’ve selected to start your new life with!  Typically this is done at the end of a Shower, so if someone really doesn’t want to stick around for it- they are free to leave.  I decided to open gifts, and I am so glad I did! I have some amazing friends and family that got Matt and I the best gifts for our new home that we just bought together.  Another thing I recommend is having the groom stop by at the end to say hi to everyone and thank them.  Unfortunately, Matt wasn’t able to attend, as he was flying back from his Bachelor party in Vegas, but I will be having another shower next month that he will come to!

This shower was truly one of the best days of my life, and I am SO thankful to everyone who came and made it so special. I can’t wait to show you all my Bachelorette Party soon!! xoxo

STATIONARY (Signs, Invites, Games, Menus): Sweet Rain Design
CAKE & COOKIES: Yield Bakehouse

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