Beachy Waves w/ Conair InfinitiPro Steam Rollers

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Happy Friday! Yay to the weekend finally being here, did anyone else feel like the week was dragging on?!  Since it’s Friday and we have a date night tonight, I decided to try out the brand new Conair InfitiniPro Gentle Curls Steam Rollers to get some beachy waves and I am hooked!  I’ve always been somewhat intimidated by hot rollers, my mom uses them consistently and it always looks really good, but I never thought I knew how to use them properly.  I was totally wrong because not only are these super easy to use, they actually steam and condition your hair while they curl and don’t expose your hair to the damage that heat usually gives off.  This set comes with 12 3/4″ rollers and can steam 4 rollers at a time (they get warm fast!) so while you’re applying, you can keep adding rollers to the heat.  The clips are very sturdy and supportive and did not leave any crimps in my hair like I heard many of them do!  My hair is very fine, so I wear extensions and these worked great on them… as I found it really easy to wrap the hair around but not feel like it’s being tugged on or pulled out.

To start out, I let my hair air dry until it was about 3/4 the way dry and then blew out the rest straight so that I had a good base to work with.  Next, I sprayed it all over with a lightweight hairspray, I love Tressemee (perfect for fine hair!) so that it had a light coat.  Once it was ready to go, I started in the front and worked my way around to the back and then around to the other side.  I tend to do this when I curl my hair (I ALWAYS start on the left side for some reason) but you can do whatever way you feel most comfortable with.  I used generous sized pieces as I wanted to use all 12 and not have to take any out to re-use, but if you have thicker hair you may need to re-use some.  Once they were all in, I let sit for about 5 minutes and then took them out, starting from where I began.  I used more hairspray to spray all the curls once out and then ran a wide tooth comb through my hair to loosen it up and get a more beachy wave look.  Sprayed it again with a little more hairspray and voila- super easy look!

I found that using these rollers gave me a similar look as using a hot iron, but without the damage that the iron can do to my hair… plus it took me about half the time to achieve the look, so it’s a win-win!  You can find these rollers online and the best part?! They’re only $49.99!
I hope everyone has a great weekend! xoxo
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