Must Try Trends for Fall!

It’s finally starting to feel like fall, so it’s a perfect opportunity to get into some of the best fall fashion trends. The biggest styles for this season were seen strutting the runway this spring, and you’ve probably already taken note of quite a few that you want to try. To sum up the trend scape for fall 2016, there are a lot of throwback silhouettes and fabrics. The ’70s and ’90s and big proponents for taste making this year, and they’ve undoubtedly given a whole new meaning to modern fashion.
People say history repeats itself, and this season’s fashion is a testament to that statement. If you’re wondering what some of the wearable retro looks are this fall then look no further. I’ve compiled the top ones that anyone can pull off. All it takes is a little tinkering and the infusion of your personal style to take these trends and make them fit into your wardrobe.

1. Shirts under dresses
We can blame (or thank) the ‘90s for this look. Remember when layering your T-shirt under a dress suddenly become uncool? Well, it’s cool again. And for some reason, it actually looks super chic. Something about the “I don’t care” vibe it gives off is very appealing. A lot of the looks compiled here give you an idea of how to style yours. 

2. Over-the-knee boots
This trend boldly came onto the scene last year, but only the most adventurous fashionistas were brave enough to give it a try. Now, thigh highs are suitable for just about anyone. My tip is to wear them with a short slip dress or shorts, but if you need more styling advice, this article has some pointers. Just remember that OTK boots are a big statement, so the rest of your outfit can be very simple. 
3. Velvet

There’s no doubt that velvet is the hottest fabric for this fall. You might be a bit apprehensive about this luxe material, but trust me when I say it can be made totally casual. You just need to find what works for you—whether it’s a velvet top, booties, or a dress, as long as it’s velvet, you’re on-trend. The fabric does a great job of adding texture to simple outfits, so have fun with it! 
4. Leather jackets

Are leather jackets ever really out of style? One thing’s for sure—the cool biker look is at an all-time look this season, so you better jump on the trend before it’s too late! For some sleek moto looks, this page has plenty of inspiration. The best part about a leather jacket is it adds an edge to otherwise feminine ensembles, which is great for changing things up and getting more out of your wardrobe. 
5. Florals

This trend might seem out of place, but I assure you it’s not! Fall florals are big this season, and the way to make sure you’re wearing flower patterns suitable for autumn, a good rule of thumb is to remember that most fall florals have a black background and deeper, more romantic tones. Darker hues suggest cooler weather as opposite to the bright and pastel colors of spring.

What are some of your favorite trends for fall?! xoxo

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  1. BLackey wrote:

    I love the OTK boot trend and I am so in love with all the velvet choices this fall! Lovely post!
    xo Bryn

    Posted 10.12.16 Reply
  2. Such great trends! I'm totally into each of these. Thanks for sharing!

    Posted 10.12.16 Reply
  3. My favs are over the knee boots and velvet!

    Posted 10.13.16 Reply
  4. Kristine C wrote:

    OTK boots are SUCH a cute trend this year!

    Posted 10.13.16 Reply
  5. Love OTK boots!! THey are my fave to wear during the cold weather. XOXO, Carolyna

    Posted 10.13.16 Reply
  6. Charlene G wrote:

    I love OTK boots!! I remember wearing shirts under my dresses back in the 90s. Loved it then and love it now!
    Charlene The Frugal Fashionista

    Posted 10.13.16 Reply
  7. while i appreciate the velvet on other people, i just can't bring myself to do it! it reminds me too much of old gymnastics leoatards, haha.
    Southern Elle Style

    Posted 10.13.16 Reply
  8. Velvet is a must! I really want to try the shirt under the dress style.

    Amanda ||

    Posted 10.13.16 Reply
  9. Loving all of these trends. Velvet and fall florals are my favorite trends to try this year.
    Styled Adventures

    Posted 10.14.16 Reply
  10. I love your trend picks, there are some really great ones this season. I especially love shirts under dresses and leather jackets!

    xo Rachel – To Hell in a Handbag

    Posted 10.16.16 Reply
  11. I am ALLLLLLLL over the velvet. Anything to do with blush velvet, I cannot contain myself!


    Posted 10.18.16 Reply
  12. I'm lovinggggg the shirts under dresses trend!! SO FAB!! And totally crazy for velvet!


    Posted 10.20.16 Reply