Kickstartin’ with XO Marshmallow

Hi Everyone! My NYFW is officially over and I am headed back home to Chicago.  I had such a great time meeting and reuniting with so many familiar faces, I can’t wait to go again next year! I will be doing a recap soon, but first I want to introduce you to XO Marshmallows, a local company in Chicago that makes incredible handmade marshmallows… because who doesn’t love marshmallows?!

I grew up loving marshmallows… always choosing every dessert that included them, as well as eating them just out of the bag. It’s safe to say I had and still have a marshmallow addiction! XO Marshmallow is ran by Lindzi (of the Trendy Sparrow) and Kat, who have created the perfect marshmallows including flavors like Salted Carmel, Honey Bourbon and Champagne, and their newest mallow creations; the Monuts.  The Monuts are the perfect mug topper for any coffee or hot chocolate.  I like to fill my hot chocolate with marshmallows, and keep refilling until it’s gone, but the Monut melts perfectly into the mug and gives an equal distribution of yumminess!

I personally got to try the cocoa dusted and the vanilla flavor Monuts, and both were fabulous.  I love the sweetness in the vanilla (perfect for a hot chocolate) and the cocoa flavor in the cocoa dusted which I believe would be amazing in coffee. (I don’t drink coffee, but let me know how it is if you try!)  Another plus to these sweet treats is that they are completely gluten free, egg free, preservative free and high-fructose free- meaning anyone and everyone can pretty much enjoy them!

Kat and Lindzi just launched a Kickstarter campaign and would love to get your help in raising money to take this amazing company even further.  You can pledge any amount you’d like and some even come with rewards such as your own Monuts or even an adorable XO mug!  All of the pledge money will go to producing more amazing products and expanding the business to meet the demand of all the marshmallow-lovers out there.

To pledge, go to the Kickstarter page and enter in the amount you’d like, or select a specific reward.  I promise, you’re going to love them! xoxo

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