Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for HIM…

Yesterday’s post was all about gifts for the girls, so I thought today’s post should be all about the wonderful men we have in our lives!  Whether it be a boyfriend, husband, dad, or brother, these are all great choices that I am confident any of them would love!  

I absolutely adore this travel bag, it’s manly on the outside, but gives a little confident booster on the inside.  Next time he’s traveling solo and goes inside his bag, he’ll be reminded of you. 🙂  My boyfriend wears ties everyday for work (life of an attorney), so I am really loving these Tie Bar ties.  They come in a ton of different patterns and colors and are very affordable.  Sometimes I can’t believe how much ties really cost- which can be upward of $100+, while these are just around $20! 

Fitbit’s are incredibly popular right now, and everyone who has one seems to love it.  I haven’t splurged on one yet- I just got the Apple watch, but I know that my boyfriend has been eyeing one for a while now.  I definitely think that it’s important to track your activity during the day and it’s cool that you can do it with other people by syncing it to your phone!  It’s a nice way to challenge each other (and yourself) to do more each day.

Even if you don’t do gifts for Valentine’s day, I am hoping that some of these ideas will help you for a birthday or other special occasion!  I know I’m happy with some flowers and a good bottle of wine :).

Thanks for stopping by! xoxo

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  1. Preeti wrote:

    love these ideas! that watch is amazing!

    xoxo, Preeti

    Posted 1.20.16 Reply
  2. Darcy wrote:

    I always think moscow mule mugs are a great gift!

    Posted 1.20.16 Reply
  3. Cher wrote:

    This is actually right on time as I have no clue what to get hubs! Geez I just figured out birthday and Christmas now VDay?! ��

    Posted 1.20.16 Reply
  4. Great gifts for him…love the DW watch!

    Brooke ||

    Posted 1.20.16 Reply
  5. Suzanne wrote:

    I love that travel bag. Totally perfect for the man who has everything!

    Posted 1.20.16 Reply
  6. Becky Chen wrote:

    Love these ideas! Those slippers are perfect right now for hibernating! 🙂

    Posted 1.20.16 Reply
  7. Anna Baun wrote:

    Such great ideas! I always have the hardest time shopping for Shawn this time of year. The Fitbit would be a great choice!


    Posted 1.20.16 Reply
  8. Charlene G wrote:

    Great gift ideas! I love the "Hey Handsome" travel bag – it's so fun!
    Charlene The Frugal Fashionista

    Posted 1.20.16 Reply
  9. great picks! I love the ugg slippers and highly recommend.
    Southern Elle Style

    Posted 1.21.16 Reply
  10. These are awesome ideas! Usually gift ideas for guys are really stereotypical, but these seem like they would work for a bunch of different guys, especially my husband (who is also an attorney!). #lawyerlove

    Posted 1.21.16 Reply
  11. Adaleta wrote:

    These are all great ideas, especially that DW watch! xx

    Posted 1.21.16 Reply
  12. These are all great options! My husband could always use more ties for work.

    Amanda ||

    Posted 1.21.16 Reply
  13. Great ideas! I think I'm going to get the FitBit for my guy!

    Posted 1.21.16 Reply
  14. I think I'm just going to cook my man a steak for Valentines Day! Hahaha no gifts for us 🙂
    xo, Jessica || The Petite Diaries

    Posted 1.21.16 Reply
  15. I definitely need to start thinking about this! A DW watch would be such a great gift for my guy… he doesn't wear one right now but change is good, right? 🙂

    Cameron Proffitt

    Posted 1.21.16 Reply
  16. Cute options!! I want to get that travel bag for my husband 🙂

    Xo, Brianne

    Posted 1.21.16 Reply
  17. Those are all great ideas, thanks for sharing! I usually just get a card, so bad I know!! I'm also with you on the flowers and wine too! 🙂

    Posted 1.22.16 Reply
  18. Tami Q wrote:

    My mom-in-law got my hubby a fitbit for Christmas and he loves it. He's been tracking his every move and even trying to see how he can trick the little gadget. Hilarious!

    Posted 1.22.16 Reply
  19. All of these are great gifts! I really love my Fitbit 🙂

    Posted 1.22.16 Reply
  20. Perfect gifts! The flask set is perfect!


    Brittany ||

    Posted 1.22.16 Reply
  21. So many good ideas! Im going to have to consider some for Brian!


    Posted 1.22.16 Reply
  22. These are great picks! I know my hubby would LOVE any of these!

    xo, Christina

    Christina | Fashion & Frills

    Posted 1.22.16 Reply
  23. The Fitbit is a great choice! My husband wears his all the time!

    The Dainty Darling

    Posted 1.25.16 Reply
  24. Amanda Ray wrote:

    The moscow mules and the DW watch have been popular with my man!

    Amanda |

    Posted 1.26.16 Reply
  25. john smith wrote:

    Generally, everyone likes to receive gifts, but the person whose love language is “gifts” is serious about what the gift means. For him or her, flowers and candy are treasures not based on what they cost, or how long they last, but because they are specifically associated with heart-felt love on Valentine's Day valentines gift ideas

    Posted 1.31.18 Reply